Quick Recap of this blog series:

#1: Vriksha Nursery – Exotic work which is very well leveraged for social

#2: Corcoran Group – Simple and engaging strategy around their employees

#3: Amboli Jcombinator – The usual fun in good workplaces made into very creative updates

In today’s post I want to look at how a distinct work culture can lead to content for the social channels.

A distinct work culture can often lead to short campaigns like When Dimagi shifted its office to Brazil for a month. These can be very interesting and memorable but I want to focus on how this work culture can lead to sustained content for your social channels. I came across Asana, a task management tool with a strong culture of transparency.

They have a blog which I find is very well written and presented. In fact going through their blog I got intrigued and signed up for their free plan. It is one of the most intuitive user interfaces I have come across.

They have a internal work system called Episodes and every few months they circulate a summary of the work they covered in each episode within their team. This was an internal process, now they publish this summary on their blog (removing sensitive details) in the spirit of transparency.

Blog Series

Blog series in the spirit of the company culture

These posts are generated solely because of the companies distinctive work culture. They also have many other insights into their working and company processes as part of their culture posts. I think their blog is a good example of how a strong company culture becomes the backbone of social content generation.

Another company in the news recently due to their company culture is Buffer App. They have also been featured for their highly transparent work processes. I was checking out their social presence and would like to mention the blog of one of the founders Joel Gascoigne.

Work culture will inevitably reflect in all your work including social. It would be well worth the time to think and figure out what your company culture is all about and once you do inevitably it will point you towards your content strategy.

Next will be the concluding part in this series where we look at another different way to generate awesome content from your workplace. Leaving you with an exciting video trailer about the Naked Brand,


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