This blog is part of the Social Content from your Awesome Workplace series

The 5th and final blog in this series, I will be looking at work material that you already generate in your business, which can be put online as part of your social content. Talks, seminars, presentations, reports, research, meetings and a whole lot more. All the time businesses are generating so much information, while some of it is confidential there is still a lot of it which can be used to engage clients and other stakeholders.

This particular content generation approach is especially relevant for B2B companies.


Any events hosted by your company can easily be great source for relevant videos. Zoholics is an annual event hosted by Zoho and we can see a bunch of videos in the event playlist. These also include training session videos thus adding to the usual training videos that most SaaS companies have.

Video Playlist from Zoholics events 2012

Video Playlist from Zoholics events 2012

Social Community

Social channels are a place where interesting stuff keeps happening – it could be interesting comments, tags, feedback, messages or even photos posted by fans. This material can easily be re-used in your own content strategy. If you can make a catchy infographic even better. The same could be done about customer analysis, product usage trends, traffic stats, service popularity etc..

Zoho made an infographic about customer feedback they got via social channels:

Good Reads

People in your company are probably reading about your industry sector on a daily basis. Good reading material easily becomes part of your social content. You can blog, tweet and/or Facebook it. Don’t forget to add your own perspective to make it more valuable than just a copy paste.


Current Topics / Debates

Taking the above idea further, you can even analyse the topic to provide a lot more detailed information. Deloitte also takes it one step ahead by asking their fans to debate on the topic and then generating a report based on that. A great way to engage a big community. Providing a downloadable report leads right to lead generation.

For a smaller company with small community, they can ask thought leaders/veterans in the field for their views and compile a report based on that. This helps the company network within their own industry which has great benefit and it also becomes part of your social content.

The above are just some of the ways that material generated,

formally – reports, seminars, training, business analysis

informally – good reads, interesting current new, in-house debates, water-cooler conversations

can be integrated into your social content. It requires you to sit back and think about all this information being generated and then building a process to harness it.

Let me know your views on this, do you use such an approach in your company?