Just the other day I met a friend of mine who is not too active on Twitter. She was of the opinion that Twitter is mostly to follow celebrities, which is boring and hence Facebook is much better. Kill.Me.Now. I really miss the early Twitter days when it was not very well known and most conversations were legitimate, I mean they weren’t incentivized by brands.

So while there was a serious increase of clutter on Facebook and Twitter  I kept seeing some interesting QnA’s being shared from Quora. Some are really funny while others are serious. Finally quite tired with sponsored Facebook ads & Twitter hashtags I started checking Quora out. I think this is where all the value from social networks has fled! 😉

The quality of answers is so high!

Example Q: What was the right strategy for Abhimanyu to defeat the Padmavyuha formation from the Mahabharata?


We can see people analysing, ideating models, contributing examples… wow!

It is great to see such a fount of value creation from genuine people participation. This is a platform to spend more time on.

I have come across some interesting brand activities going on as well – will cover them here soon! 🙂

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