On an average I have written two posts a month here in 2013. A brief overview of these posts,

Awesome Content Strategy from your Workplace

One of the most popular content on the blog a series of posts on how brands can generate great content right from their workplace. I plan to do more such post series, but so far I have only made some slideshare presentations on topics like healthcare/crowdsourced content generation / photographers and so on.

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Interviewed a few more rockstar entrepreneurs – Kashyap Dalal of Inkfruit, Annkur of PriceBaba, Rajesh of Percept frozen foods & Gaurav Munjal of Flat.to.

Also wrote a few research based posts on different topics like,

Social Brand Movement v/s Viral Marketing

Is Linkedin the right platform for B2B businesses

Social Media in Politics & Governance

Would love to notch up the number of posts in the coming year, with a lot more series and contextual content.

Happy New Year!










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