Recently a lot of brands are looking to publish some really interesting and fun content through their social channels. Specifically brands into serious stuff like insurance and healthcare want to be cool, fun, light and yet meaningful out there on social media.

At a meeting with such a client, I was showing an ad campaign idea where we used some comics and fun images. For a moment the client was lost because fun, cool updates are understandable but an ad – which is a comic strip?

I just realized how much advertising is changing on social channels. I have been seeing so many fun ads lately especially on Twitter. This ad by CA technologies shown below is one such example. This cartoon it shows is actually really funny! Intel is another mammoth brand which uses some very fun and basic trivia not just as updates but even as their ad campaign on Twitter!

Imagine that a brand spending so much moolah to bring you some fun cartoons! 🙂

Twitter Ads

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  • Great article Priyanka, One of the main reasons being is that audiences these days are already exposed to so much content all the time. So content which is funny, visual and informative! Grabs their attention and serves the purpose.