Recently I have been working with Rohit on his new mobile application designed to connect Gujaratis across the world – GoGujarati! App download links: Android ; iOS

Decided to interview him for our entrepreneur series,

Why GoGujarati?
I started GoGujarati because there was no application which targeted a specific community as a whole. I am based in Mumbai and have grown up in a Gujarati community – I know this community is spread around the world with many unique cultural aspects. I feel this community is currently divided across distances and not united. They need to be connected so they can work together and grow together. I hope this application will help all Gujaratis across the world to connect. This will get them closer to each other and help improve the community. It is an unique concept – we don’t think there is such an application as yet.

What was your biggest challenge in developing the GoGujarati app?
The biggest challenge was to take GoGujarati from an idea to a clear cut concept with possible business sustainability.
Considering the Indian society is not as advanced as international community… the revenue to build the app and then promote it was another challenge – I am still facing this challenge.

What is your advice for students: Startup straight from college or get some work experience beforehand?

There are two kinds of people. Born entrepreneurs who cannot work for other people. Go out and try whatever you want to but realize the money you will put in will be someone else’s money, at least to begin with. Learn slowly. Get experience working for fun, volunteering in college events and so on. So you understand the challenges you will face in your business.

Others who can work with others should take their time understanding what kind of business they want to do. What is possible and what is not possible. Think about ROI, timelines and other factors before jumping in….

How can a startup create a distinct brand?
The brand should be a mirror of your own personality. Believe in your product completely. Differentiate from other competitors.

Future Plans?
I want to grow GoGujarati much further. I want it to provide a much larger opportunity for all Gujaratis across the world.

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  • There are so many people staying in India of different communities and religions and each one of them grieves for the same touch. Very nice post. Really appreciate your effort.

    • Thanks for your comment Jumbodium… btw nice handle. 🙂

  • Most Welcome dear…. I am looking forward to more such posts from your end…Thank u for the share.