Every Indian when you say ‘Pakistan’ .. something will flair in his or her heart. Anger, Passion, Sorrow, Hurt, Victory, Hope, Dream, Desire – whether positive or negative but something will flair in his/her heart. The passion and craze that surrounds any sporting activity between the two countries is testimony to this.

I am just an Indian like this. Today the turn of events on Twitter have touched my heart.

I want to document this here, for people who may miss it and just because it needs to be said,

A couple of days back, Pakistan had a tragedy. Over 100 school kids were slaughtered by Taliban terrorists in Peshawar. The world was shocked and everyone condemned this attack. Naturally what the Peshawari people must be going through is difficult to imagine.

People in India also rallied and most of us buried any ill feelings and just wanted to pray and support Pakistan in this tragedy. The ensuing hashtag #IndiawithPakistan was trending on Twitter for a day or so. (don’t know exact stats there)

The trending hashtag implies the large number of people who subscribed to that sentiment. Hence, it is important that a large mass of India was behind it and they truly in their hearts were with Pakistan in this tragedy.

Now, in the last few years India has faced terror attacks & the source of that was in Pakistan. So we have been petitioning Pakistan to hand over certain criminals to us for trial and so on. Pakistan on the other hand has not even arrested some of them. Now one of the criminals called Lakhvi had been arrested earlier but today he was given bail and freed. Imagine doing this, when terrorists had just slaughtered so many innocent children a day before.

A lot of Indians were pissed but by it. A few rude and angry tweets started surfacing. Till then this government decision to free a terrorist was ‘Pakistan’.

But later in the day… the Pakistani Twitter janta (people) responded and we had #PakwithIndiaNoToLakhviBail – and now this is ‘Pakistan’. Moving beyond the governments decisions the Pakistan mass responded with something so heart warming. 🙂

I am so touched. Truly.

At least both the Twitter jantas (peoples) are sane!

& To my knowledge this is the biggest mass level peace act that has taken place between the two neighbouring countries – India & Pakistan.

  • Priyanka, loved this! Love how you illuminate the unity of people from Twitter in both countries that stand with each other against such atrocities and gross mishandling of justice. I can identify with this experience, because I rarely agree with actions of my government & politicians. Thanks for this post and your feelings as an Indian 🙂

  • Lonnie W

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