I find writing year end overview posts really relaxing. It allows me to take my time and think about various stuffs that happened over the year. So even though its already end of Jan, 2015 I am still into writing the year overview. So two big things in my entrepreneurial life in 2014,

1) Office, Office

Oh yea, DigiWhirl is not a virtual setup anymore. I don’t take my laptop and travel for months across South India. I now have an office and that too at some distance from my house – so commuting is a daily part of life. It has been an enriching experience to go to office, setup a team, having a team around to work with, consider all the various things that come with having a more stable life. It’s also interesting to be stationary.

Some traveling happened in 2014. Since its less and so hard won, I tend to make the most of it. 🙂

2) Regional Language – #GoRegional

Earlier in 2014 we started work on a Gujarati community project. Soon we realised the need for Gujarati language in our social media efforts. As has been my motto for a while, I took the extra step of putting up high quality Gujarati langauge in our work. It was interesting… many learnings. Soon, I realised this is a way to go. I also love that it has a social impact element which is to bridge the digital regional langauge gap which India will soon face in a big way!

Most other countries, you will find that they prefer content in their mother tongue. Only in India most of us urban folks just opt for English stuff… and the dearth in regional language content is palpable. Well, hopefully we will see a change soon. Anyway here we are, looking to at least give brands the option and encourage them to #GoRegional 🙂

& yeah, check out DigiWhirl’s first video which @pavanatukuri and team made for us …. 🙂