Lately I have been spending a lot of time in office, which happens to be a co-working space. So I have gotten some insight and experience into the woes of an employee. One insight that has lately been growing on me is that – people end up spoiling relations or quitting because they fail to speak up and have a simple conversation.

Here are some situations where I feel, the situation would be much better handled if the employee speaks up….

1) Non-core activities are sucking the life out of the Job

Most employees are hired for one core purpose. Apart from that core work they are also given many non-core responsibilities. In a startup often the non-core responsibilities can be many! Firstly, identify your core job – discuss with boss if needed. Any tasks which are non-core, if they are really obstructing your peace – just raise the issue and get it out of the way. Make it clear that you will do your core job to the best of your ability – and ensure that it is getting done well. So once you are doing your main work, the company will be more than happy to sort the other stuff for you.

2) Certain activities are hampering the entire work space

Some activities in the work space may be hampering the overall work space. Many a times the employer or boss may not realize that it is so. These may typically be unfair leave policies or biased interactions or logistical issues. If you know everyone is facing the issue then – speak up! Different means can be adopted so that it does not have personal repercussions. For eg: casually mention to boss that it seems that…..  or writing a group email from the team so no one person is implicated….. or raising the issue up for discussion in a team meeting in a professional way. Usually all decent work places have an open channel for suggestions either via frequent team meetings or one-one with the boss etc…

If done properly, the senior folks would appreciate you bringing this to their notice and the situation should improve for everyone.

3) You plan to Quit because of it

The thing is that when you are planning to quit just because something is so screwed up – it may very well happen that the employer is just not aware of it. Yes, it may sound crazy “how is that possible. You know how bad THIS is!!” My point is that the perspective of the employee and the employer can be so different that you just never know. Again a simple, diplomatic and tactful conversation may actually just resolve the problem for you. So yes if you plan to quit over it, you know just try and well, talk about it.

4) Because your work or conduct will Suck

Any reasons why your work or conduct towards others will deteriorate and become bad, you have to speak up. Quit if you have to but don’t let the work deteriorate because I feel that is terrible. Moreover you are burning the bridge with your employer and maybe even the colleagues. You never know when else you may come across the person…. why burn bridges? I personally value my work very highly, so I never sit down if I feel my work is going to suck. By hook or crook, I get the situation sorted somehow. Even if just until I serve notice period for the project.

I have had some employees whose work takes a dip. I try to talk them through it but no progress at all. Weirdly, they don’t even resign. So finally I have fired them. Apart from firing them, I am also a bad reference for them. If any of their future companies call me for reference, well I had a bad experience.

So Basically…..

I am a big proponent of open communication. The caveat is I feel that the communication has to be from heart and with reasonable transparency. It cannot be a lie. In most cases the parties tend to understand human difficulties and they come to a mutually viable alternative. So this is my advice to the employees – that a lot of times it may seem that the problem at work is So Big. But simple communications can just be the key.

Just be a little diplomatic & mindful that there may be under currents you are not aware of .

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    Non core activity is main concern, because of increase of Software jobs.