नमस्कार Namaskar!

Welcome to my site! If you want to contact me, you can do so at priyankawriting (@) gmail (.) com

To know more about me, here are a few different blogs where I write about topics that are of keen interest to me. Feel free to read more (and subscribe 😉 )


This is my blog on deeper thoughts about life and spirituality. It includes inspirational people stories, life insights and actual spiritual/yoga/religious practice related thoughts.



I have traveled extensively since my first 15-day solo trip in 2009. My travel style is slow, solo and immersive. In 2015 I went on a long distance cycling adventure – Berlin to Copenhagen. Since then I have cycled in Australia, Taiwan, Spain and India. Read this blog for these cycling, hiking and other adventures.


Work blog

By profession, I am into digital marketing. I started my work life by dabbling in social media way back in 2008 when it was not a well-developed field. I then founded my social media agency, DigiWhirl. I ran this agency for over 5 years – giving me deep entrepreneurial experience. Since then I work as a hands-on consultant focussing on Business Growth for companies through Digital Marketing. I write sporadically on this blog, you can check out my previous posts if you like…..


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~Priyanka Dalal


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